One Source for Diesel Fuel Delivery, Propane and DEF.

Do you need diesel fuel, propane or DEF at your job site, construction site or depot?  U.S. Refueling is the leading provider of diesel fuel delivery services, propane and DEF delivery for commercial and industrial customers in the Mid-Atlantic region.

  • We focus 100% of our attention on commercial customers.
  • We operate around the clock and we share your sense of urgency.

With US, you get one stop shopping for businesses that require customized fueling services:

  • diesel fuel delivery – bulk fueling, tank rentals and mobile on-site fueling (wet hosing)
  • emergency fueling – we mobilize fast and deliver fuel following hurricanes, fires & other disasters
  • temporary heat – we are a leading provider of propane and diesel fuel for temporary heat
  • propane deliveries – for heat, hot water, farming, BBQ cylinders, industrial processes & more
  • DEF deliveries – via jugs, drums, totes or wet hosing trucks and equipment
  • generator fueling – emergency generator fueling and generator fuel service contracts.
  • forklift cylinder refueling – 33# propane forklift cylinder exchange and on-site cylinder fueling.

Whether you need us to deliver diesel fuel or propane for one piece of equipment or hundreds, and whether you need fuel delivered at one location or many locations, we can help.  We service hundreds of customers throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland, and we provide customized fueling solutions and emergency fueling throughout the United States.  Our emergency fueling team has been involved in managed fuel logistics at some of the largest commercial losses in U.S. history.

We own a fleet of new and well-maintained trucks, tanks and equipment, so you can count on US no matter how bad the weather may be and regardless of the difficulty in reaching your equipment.

When service is paramount, leading companies rely on US.

For more information about US, please contact us or call 1-844-REFUELING.  You call, we respond, it gets delivered!

Philadelphia Niche Diesel Fuel and Propane Supplier, U.S. Refueling, Wins Safety Award

At U.S. Refueling, we place the highest priority on safety.  Our employees and customers deserve nothing less.  We are pleased to announce that U.S. Refueling has received the Energi Risk Management Award for safe operations.  Among the factors considered by the selection committee included the fact that we had no claims and that we invested in technologies and implemented best practices to ensure safe operations.  We have always said that there are differences among diesel fuel delivery companies and propane suppliers.  Chief among those differences include our focus on best-in-class risk management which is a component of our overall dedication to customer service.

Diesel Fuel Risk Management Award Winner - U.S. Refueling

Your risk management department will love working with us.  For more information about reducing fuel fuel-related costs contact us or call 1-844-REFUELING.

Why You Shouldn’t Trust a Heating Oil Company with Diesel Fuel Delivery

State departments of environmental protection regulate the sulfur content of petroleum products such as on-road diesel fuel (clear diesel), off-road diesel fuel (dyed diesel) and heating oil.   In most municipalities in Pennsylvania (and in certain other cities and states), heating oil may contain as much as 500 ppm sulfur or even 2,000 ppm sulfur in some places.  Commercial diesel fuel, on the other hand, must (under federal law which applies everywhere) contain less than 15 ppm sulfur, and diesel fuel has thus come to be known as ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel.    Not surprisingly, ultra low sulfur diesel fuel is more expensive than high sulfur heating oil, sometimes as much as $.10 – .15 per gallon cheaper.

So, why shouldn’t you trust a heating oil company to deliver your commercial fuels?

First, unlike U.S. Refueling, home heating oil delivery companies often operate only single compartment trucks as their business consists primarily of home heating oil delivery and they do not require multi-compartment trucks.  Single compartment trucks are significantly cheaper than multi-compartment trucks and that’s why they use them for heating oil delivery.

Second, even assuming the use multi-compartment trucks and further assuming they load high sulfur diesel in one compartment and low sulfur diesel in another, there is the risk of cross contamination of product in the hose itself.  Heating oil companies, which may few or occasional deliveries to commercial customers requiring ULSD are less likely to understand the procedures for a proper line flush.

Recently, we received a phone call from a major property management company seeking generator fueling at several properties outside of Philadelphia, PA.  The property management company made an unsusual request – they wanted us to test each batch of fuel and certify (among other things) that the sulfur content was below 15 ppm, as required.  Upon further investigation, we learned that the company’s prior supplier had delivered high sulfur heating oil into the generator, and the property management company was now not only subject to potential fines, but moreover, it was under strict scrutiny by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Whether you need commercial diesel fuel delivery for generators, construction equipment, industrial machinery, vehicles or other commercial applications, you should rely upon a supplier who uniquely understands the needs of commercial fuel customers.  U.S. Refueling only services commercial customers, and the situation described above could never have occurred if the customer had been using us because we load ONLY ultra low sulfur diesel fuels.

For more information about U.S. Refueling and our commercial fuel delivery services, contact us online or call 1-844-REFUELING.