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U.S. Refueling Wins Safety Award for Best-in-Class Risk Management

U.S. Refueling Wins Safety Award for Best-in-Class Risk Management

Philadelphia-based, niche-focused diesel fuel delivery service, U.S. Refueling, has long believed that the diesel fuel delivery and commercial propane businesses were in need of innovation from a customer service standpoint.   Commitment to customer service is demonstrated by answering the phones 24×7 rather than allowing them to roll over to a disinterested answering service.  It is further demonstrated by proactively communicating with customers about issues and opportunities to improve efficiency and cut costs.  We view our operations as inextricably intertwined with our customers’ businesses.

As an operational partner for our equipment fueling, generator fueling, emergency fueling, fleet fueling, temporary heat and other customers, we believe that best-in-class customer service also includes a dedication to safety and risk management.  Moreover, our commitment to safety not only extends to our customers, but to our employees as well, who are all part of the U.S. Refueling family.  We, therefore, invest substantial sums in our vehicles, tanks, on-board safety and regulatory compliance equipment, policies and procedures, and training.

We are exceptionally pleased to announce that our commitment to excellence with regard to safety and risk management has been recognized by Energi as worthy of their annual Risk Management Award for safety.  Among the factors considered by the selection committee was the fact that we had no claims filed during our insurance policy period, and we demonstrated a commitment to using best-in-class technology to reduce the potential for roll-overs, crashes, oil spills or other safety issues.  The award was presented on October 14, 2015 in Washington, D.C. at an event that included Dr. Condoleeza Rice as keynote speaker.

Diesel Fuel Risk Management Award Winner - U.S. Refueling


For more information about U.S. Refueling and our award winning diesel fuel delivery program, please call 1-844-REFUELING.

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