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Diesel Fuel & Delis in Philadelphia

Diesel Fuel & Delis in Philadelphia

At first blush, it may seem that diesel fuel and delis in Philadelphia have little common, but upon closer inspection there is a common link, namely, the diesel fuel and culinary experts at U.S. Refueling.

As a leading Philadelphia-based diesel fuel delivery company and propane supplier we take our responsibilities seriously.  Indeed, we take everything seriously at U.S. Refueling (except ourselves).  To illustrate the point, when asked by an advertising representative recently where we wanted our ad to appear, a member of our senior management team aptly stated, “listen, we want to win at everything; for that matter we even wan’t to eat our hoagies faster than anyone else.  Does that answer your question?”  🙂

Although we provide diesel fuel delivery service in New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, New York and in other parts of the United States, we are based outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and we were all born and raised in and around Philadelphia.  We understand the stuff Philadelphians say.  And, we understand the stuff Philadelphians eat!  From time to time, we’d like to share our thoughts with you regarding the best spots to grab a bite in and around Philly.

Today, the diesel fuel experts were extremely busy adding to our client roster several very prominent on-site fueling and diesel fuel delivery clients, so we needed to stay close to the office as we had a very limited amount of time.  We decided to try Pumpernick’s Deli in Montgomeryville, PA.

In our opinion,  the split pea soup is lights out; Smoked Fish/Bagel platter was extremely fresh and top notch; Bombay Chicken wrap, spicy goodness and the although the pickles could use a little work (Phil’s in Blue Bell is better), they deserve kudos for having a pickle bar.  In sum, we give Pumpernick’s 8.5 oil drops on a 10 oil drop scale.

For more information about diesel fuel delivery, propane supply, or restaurant suggestions, visit www.usrefueling.com.  #usrefueling, #passion, #buildingsomethingspecial



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