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Generator Refueling After Blimp Knocks Out Power in Bloomsburg, PA

Generator Refueling After Blimp Knocks Out Power in Bloomsburg, PA

Generator Refueling – Just When We Thought We Had Seen it All.

The generator fueling and diesel fuel delivery team at U.S. Refueling is hard at work this evening long after most fuel delivery companies have closed their doors and parked their trucks for the evening.  Among other places, our diesel fuel delivery professionals are in Bloomsburg, PA this evening following a very unusual occurrence which produced a major power outage in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, leaving more than 15,000 homes and businesses without power.

Living in Pennsylvania or in our neighboring states of New Jersey and Delaware, we’ve all become quite accustomed to blackouts, brown-outs, and other temporary power outages due to inclement weather or other issues with the power generation infrastructure.  Admittedly though, we’ve never seen anything quite like this.  Today, a NORAD blimp conducting defense-related operations on the East Cost of the United States became unhinged from its mooring and made its made to the skies over (and eventually the ground in) Pennsylvania.  The situation was sufficiently serious that two F-16 fighter jets were scrambled to monitor the blimp.

Early this evening, we started receiving calls from our many customers who rely upon U.S. Refueling to provide 24x7x365 emergency fueling and our generator fueling crews are already on the scene.  We wondered what was up and the weather was rainy but not that bad.  After a little research, we quickly discovered what the problem was.    Just when you think you’ve seen it all!  The diesel fuel delivery business always has a way of reminding us that there’s always more to discover!!

Although you’re not likely to need generator fueling due to a blimp taking out power lines, you never know.  Whether you need US for that reason or any other, our diesel fuel delivery, emergency fueling and generator fueling team is ready to respond!

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