Equipment fueling

For nearly two decades, our on-site fueling experts have delivered fuel directly into equipment at job sites, or into company-owned or leased tanks under our tank rental program. Our trucks are state of the art, with electronic data capture technology and GPS to confirm time-until-delivery and to provide a breadcrumb trail that establishes when fuel was pumped at your location.  Our proprietary truck design and technology platform ensure are specially formulated, reflecting decades of experience in meeting customers’ equipment fueling needs.  We have trucks ranging in capacity from 2,800 gallons to 4,400 gallons, with multiple compartments so that we can deliver both off-road and on-road diesel fuel, where your fueling requirements call for more than one type of fuel.


Whether you need fuel for one excavator, or hundreds of pieces of equipment, and whether you need fuel at one location or many locations throughout the U.S. we can help.  Our ‘round the clock equipment fueling service will ensure that all of your equipment is fully fueled on schedule, all the time.


You move from job site to job site but that does not mean you have to find a new fuel vendor each time you move.  U.S. Refueling offers single-source, nationwide equipment fueling services.

Our single-source equipment fueling program is :

  • Simple – A single, customized invoice itemizes all deliveries at each site.
  • Affordable – Consolidated pricing and on-site refueling reduces your cost.
  • Comprehensive – Our services are available in all 50 States and Canada.
  • Responsible – millions of dollars in liability insurance for your protection.
  • Verifiable – Web-based, real time access to fueling data;
  • 24/7 – Managers are available 24/7 to respond to questions or concerns.
  • Fast – From bid to national rollout in as soon as 30 days.
  • Dedicated – A service team of managers dedicated to your business.
  • Accountable – Detailed budget reporting by location/district/region
  • Quality – Quality control inspectors to monitor our performance at your sites
  • Easy – The transition is seamless; we will seek to retain preferred vendors.

Has your equipment fueling vendor proved to be unreliable?  Are you interested in cutting your equipment fueling costs by 10-30% or more?  Please contact our equipment fueling consultants for a FREE review of your current fueling program and to discuss how U.S. Refueling can simplify fuel logistics and reduce your fuel costs.