Generator fueling

Catastrophic events like hurricanes, tornados and major floods many cause electrical outages.  But, it does not take a catastrophic emergency to cause power outages.   With the aging of our nation’s power grid and more demand placed upon it, power has become less reliable in many parts of the country.    Whether due to extreme weather or brown-outs caused by excessive demand, electric supply has become far less predictable than in prior years.  As a result, generator fueling has become a critical component of business preparedness and readiness planning.

Millions of businesses lose power every year and even those with backup generators have found that they may have to go without power.    A backup generator does not ensure that you’ll have backup power when you need it.  The simple reason is that without a reliable, steady supply of diesel fuel or propane, as appropriate, for your generator, it cannot operate during an emergency.  Generator fueling has taken on critical importance for property owners and managers.

There are many reasons why fuel companies have proven to be unreliable when it comes to delivering generator fuel:

  1. The primary reason is that generator refueling work is temporary and during a crisis companies take care of their permanent customers first.  So, heating oil companies will take care of their heating oil or other regular accounts before a generator customer who may only need fuel for a day or two;
  2. Most fuel distribution companies close their doors at 5:00 pm, which does you no good if your generator runs out of fuel in the middle of the night.
  3. Fuel shortages are more commonplace than in prior years.   In the Winter of 2014, for example, the Northeast experienced diesel fuel shortages; again companies allocate supply first typically to their regular, contracted customers, many generators ran out of fuel

U.S. Refueling understands what it takes to excel at emergency fueling. In fact, U.S. Refueling is among the most trusted emergency and mission critical fuel suppliers in the country.  Our management team played a critical role in responding to numerous catastrophic events including but not limited to:  Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ike, the North Dakota floods and many outages caused by ordinary Winter weather.

If you operate a facility where it’s important that you provide consistent, uninterrupted power for your workers, residents or occupants, you have a responsibility to ensure that you will be able to get fuel when you need it and that your fuel is in top working order. Moreover, many local authorities are now requiring as a condition of granting certificates of occupancy that businesses enter into guaranteed fuel supply agreements, ensuring adequate fuel supply in the event of a man-made or natural disaster.

U.S. Refueling specializes in generator fueling;

  • We offer 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 day a year service, for our contracted generator customers;
  • Winter additive is applied in season to prevent gelling;
  • All drivers are fingerprinted, uniformed and subjected to pre-employment background checks;
  • In-house Hazardous Materials Training.
  • Spill-kits provided on each truck.
  • National Response Center and ChemTrec Numbers.
  • USDOT and TWIC certified drivers so that we can access even the most sensitive locations

We take seriously our responsibility to our generator fueling customers. Indeed, we have developed a revolutionary preventive maintenance plan, called the Generator Super Plan, with guaranteed fuel supply and expedited response in the event of a crisis. For more information about our generator fueling services, contact a U.S. Refueling generator fuel consultant today! Remember, it’s too late once a disaster is underway. At that point, fuel suppliers are taking care of their contracted customers. Contact us today regarding your generator fueling requirements before the next crisis arises and its too late.