Off-road diesel fuel

Off-road diesel fuel

U.S. Refueling delivers off-road diesel fuel for customers who require regular automatic deliveries into construction equipment, commercial and industrial machinery or generators at job sites, construction sites or fixed facilities.  Off-road diesel fuel, also referred to as dyed diesel or red diesel is used in off-road applications where equipment remains on private property and off the public roads.

Off-road diesel fuel is taxed quite differently than on-road diesel.  It is dyed red so that IRS agents can easily, upon inspection, determine whether red dyed diesel has been used in an on-road application. Whether intention or accidental, the use of off-road diesel fuel in an on-road vehicle would result in an immediate IRS penalty of $1,000 or $10 per gallon, whichever is greater, per violation.

It is important to deal with a reputable supplier and one which maintains proper equipment as well as internal systems and controls for managing more than one fuel type.  U.S. Refueling’s fuel delivery trucks contain multiple compartments and where appropriate, multiple pumping systems, with double bulk heads to ensure that products are properly segregated.  Our internal training procedures, and our checks and balances, ensure that there there is no cross-contamination of product in the various compartments on our trucks.  Our operations management team has developed these systems in the course of building the largest mobile on-site refueling business in the United States and meeting the diesel fuel requirements of the leading transportation, distribution, logistics and construction companies in the nation.

During the cold Winter months, we ensure that our dyed off-road diesel products contain anti-gelling agents to prevent fuel from congealing and clogging your pumps and filters.   During the warmer months and where appropriate we treat fuels with appropriate additives to ensure top performance.

Our off-road diesel fuel products include:

  • dyed ultra low sulfur diesel
  • dyed biodiesel
  • dyed kerosene
  • off-road diesel fuel additives

Our off-road diesel fuel is available 24x7x365 service.  Our sole line of business is to service the needs of our commercial refueling customers, including our off-road diesel fuel delivery customers.  Do you need off-road diesel fuel for your generators, construction equipment, commercial machinery or other applications?  Whether you require diesel fuel for one piece of equipment at one location or hundreds of generators across many states, U.S. Refueling can meet your off-road diesel fuel needs.

Contact 1-844-REFUELING for more details about our off-road diesel fuel supply and emergency diesel fuel supply services.