On-road diesel fuel

U.S. Refueling can deliver on-road diesel fuel directly into your trucks via truck-to-truck refueling or into tanks that you own or that we provide you through our tanks rentals program.

Any truck fleet operator understands that fuel is typically the second largest expense, behind only labor.  Receiving timely deliveries of high quality on-road diesel fuel is critical so that your vehicles are ready to hit the roads and make money for you each day.

Our management pioneered the concept of single sourced, nationwide truck-to-truck fleet fueling in the United States.  We understand, and our clients understand, that outsourcing the fleet fueling function to U.S. Refueling makes good business sense because it:

  • Overnight service: We refuel your trucks and reefers at night while they are idle, which eliminates the need for you to waste time fueling vehicles during the workday; instead your drivers can hop in their trucks and start making you money.
  • Eliminate Fuel card abuse: Monitoring employees’ fuel card usage is difficult when you’re fueling your vehicles at a card-lock or gas station. Years of experience in auditing fuel invoices establishes clearly that companies lose money due to fuel theft, incorrect billing and use of fuel cards for food and other unintended purchases.
  • Environmental benefits: With on-site refueling, there is no need to maintain on-site storage tanks, eliminating the cost of maintaining tanks and the potential environmental liability associated with on-site fuel storage.
  • Labor savings: On-site refueling eliminates the need for your drivers to engage in the unproductive and time-consuming task of fueling your vehicles. Save a half-hour per day per driver. Multiply that times the number of drivers and their loaded hourly wage. Wouldn’t you rather have each driver spend an extra half hour a day delivering your products?

Whether you need fuel for a small local fleet, or hundreds of vehicles at many locations, and whether you require truck-to-truck refueling or bulk delivery into fuel tanks, U.S. Refueling can deliver on-road diesel fuel directly into your tractors, while at the same time delivering off-road diesel into your reefers, yard mules and other off-road equipment.  For more information about our on-road diesel fuel delivery services, contact us at 1-844-REFUELING.