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U.S. Refueling works with residential and commercial developers and builders to install tanks at shopping centers, malls, office parks and in large residential communities. Your tenants or home buyers seek the comfort and versatility of gas heat, but you either are unable to obtain natural gas for the development or the cost is prohibitive. We have the perfect solution.

U.S. Refueling will engineer, design, install, maintain and operate at our own expense a community-wide propane distribution system. From your homeowners or tenants’ perspective their service will be no different than what they would expect if you installed natural gas. They will have access to all of the conveniences of gas – heating, hot water heating, cooking, drying, gas fireplaces, pool heat, gas for BBQs – and their gas consumption will be individually metered just as it would with natural gas. From your perspective, you will eliminate hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in costs that you otherwise would have incurred to have the gas utility run lines to your community.

We have installed centrally piped, communitywide propane distribution systems to serve hundreds of homes. Ask us about our builder rebate programs and how we can design a recurring income stream for homebuilders and developers. For more information about our builder programs, contact us at 1-844-REFUELING.