Forklift Refueling

Forklift Refueling

Propane for Forklifts

We provide propane for forklifts.  Propane is the most popular source of motor fuel to power forklifts in the United States. There are more than 670,000 propane-powered forklifts presently in service, which use more than 1 billion gallons of propane annually.

To meet your customers’ requirements, you rely on your propane forklift fleet to move your products quickly, safely and efficiently, with minimal down time. And, of course, you want to do this at the lowest possible cost.

In this regard, you have an important decision to make – whether to utilize cylinder exchange, self-refueling or mobile on-site refueling?


With mobile fueling, you get what you pay for.

With on-site refueling, you are billed by the gallon, not by the cylinder. You receive a metered ticket, certified by the Department of Weights and Measures, showing you exactly what was delivered. Because there is almost always some residual gas left in your propane cylinders, you will actually use less gas with on-site fueling.

Think about a typical day at your facility. Do your operators wait until their propane tank is completely empty to swap it out, allowing themselves to run out of fuel in the middle of the warehouse? Of course not, they replace the cylinder with a full one before it’s empty. Similarly, at the end of a shift, you probably change-out the propane cylinder on the forklift so that there is a full tank on the lift at the beginning of the next shift resulting in 1/4 full or even 1/2 full cylinders returned to the cylinder storage area for replacement.

Our studies show that, on average, customers are able to reduce their propane consumption by as much as 10-15% simply by switching to on-site refueling. 


Why do you think the cylinder exchange companies bill you by the cylinder instead of on a per gallon basis? It’s because they know that they will recover residual unused gas in each 33# propane cylinder. This is the dirty little secret of the propane refueling business.

Moreover, without a metered ticket, how do you know that the cylinder was full when it was originally delivered. And, if you don’t think the large nationwide propane companies would sell their customers partially-filled cylinders, bear in mind that two of the largest propane companies in the United States, Amerigas and Ferrelgas , each entered into multi-million-dollar settlements with plaintiffs in class actions alleging that they systematically under-filled propane cylinders.

Propane lasts longer with mobile on-site refueling.

On-site cylinder refueling increases lift operator efficiency because the cylinders are filled to their intended legal capacity and therefore last longer. This decreases the unproductive time spent changing out cylinders by your employees. Mobile on-site refueling ensures that you receive a cylinder filled to its 33.3 lb. capacity – increasing lift run time, and thereby increasing worker productivity, and ultimately resulting in the need for fewer forklifts.


On-site refueling is safer than cylinder exchange

On-site refueling is safer than cylinder exchange for two primary reasons.

  1. Fewer cylinders stored on your property– with on-site refueling you need fewer cylinders on your property.  We will craft a schedule where we refuel your cylinders, during the day or night to maximize safety and minimize disruptions; and
  2. Fewer cylinder change-outs – the primary safety exposure is when you remove and replace the cylinder.  With on-site refueling you receive more a full cylinder, reducing the number of change-outs required.

Our licensed refueling experts (LREs) are thoroughly trained in NFPA 58 requirements applicable to cylinder refueling operations, and in addition, they undergo training in U.S.Refueling’s SAFE cylinder refueling education program before they are permitted to refuel your cylinders.

Get Tax Credits for Using Propane in Your Forklifts

Propane is environmentally friendly, so the government gives you significant tax credits to encourage you to use propane.


To claim the credit, you need to substantiate the amount of gas you actually purchased. With onsite refueling you get the supporting documentation that you need to substantiate your $.50 per gallon alternative fuel tax credit. Learn more about the alternative fuel tax credit for propane forklifts.

Reliable forklift cylinder refueling

Whether you decide that you want on-site fueling or a cylinder exchange program, U.S. Refueling offers a single source solution for your forklift cylinder fueling requirements. For a FREE audit, and more information about our cylinder refueling programs, contact us today.

Forklift Cylinder Exchange

There are times where you may want or need to utilize a forklift cylinder exchange program instead of on-site fueling.  For example, your business may be located in an area where there is insufficient room for on-site refueling, or your corporate policy may require you to use cylinder exchange.  U.S. Refueling operates a cylinder exchange fleet for our forklift cylinder fueling customers.  Again, we will beat any verifiable price for forklift propane!

The Choice is Yours – On-Site Forklift Propane or 33# Forklift Cylinder Exchange

Whether you opt for on-site forklift cylinder refueling or our forklift cylinder exchange program, we have a forklift cylinder fueling solution to meet your needs.  In either case, you can be assured of brand new aluminum cylinders, great prices and timely deliveries, provided by a company with a dedicated in-house safety and training team that will work tirelessly to exceed your expectations.