Propane Autogas

Propane Autogas Services

Propane is the third most widely used source of engine fuel in the world, with more than 17 million vehicles running on propane gas. In the United States, the use of propane for engine fuel is rapidly expanding, and for good reason.


Propane Autogas Delivers Lower Fuel Costs

Over the past two decades, propane has been consistently less expensive than gasoline or diesel fuel. In fact, on average, you can reduce your costs by about $1.50 per gallon by switching to propane. The founders of U.S. Refueling pioneered the concept of mobile on-site refueling. With mobile onsite propane Autogas refueling, we may be able to deliver propane directly into your vehicles at night while they are idle yielding significant additional savings.*

Additional advantages from outsourcing the fueling function to us include:

  • eliminate labor costs associated with the unproductive task of fueling your vehicles;
  • increases productivity and profits while also reducing capital expenditures;
  • reduce wear and tear on your fleet and lower your maintenance costs
  • web-based reporting to support tax rebate claims and ease administration.

*The law with respect to direct truck-to-truck fueling varies by jurisdiction.

Go Green with Propane Autogas


Propane autogas is an environmentally friendly fuel that yields substantially fewer greenhouse gases and other harmful emissions than gasoline or diesel engines. Propane provides a 20% reduction in emissions versus gasoline or diesel.

A Domestic Fuel

Approximately 98% of the propane consumed in the United States is produced in the United States and therefore the use of propane Autogas contributes to our energy independence.

Cheaper than CNG or LNG

Although propane is actually a by-product of natural gas, it is cheaper to convert to propane autogas than CNG or LNG.

One CNG or LNG refueling station costs between $400,000 and $1.5 million to install. We will install a propane refueling system absolutely for FREE for most customers.

CNG or LNG conversions typically cost around $15,000. A propane conversion averages around $8,000. You could by between two propane powered vehicles for every vehicle you convert to CNG.

Propane autogas is better for the environment than CNG or LNG because with cheaper conversion costs you can deploy more propane vehicles resulted in a greater reduction in emissions per conversion dollar.  Propane autogas reduces harmful emissions by close to two times the reduction achieved through conversion to CNG or LNG

As a fleet operator, fuel is your second largest expense, behind labor.  Contact U.S. Refueling for a FREE audit and learn how we can dramatically reduce your second largest expense.

Who is Converting to Propane Autogas?

Propane autogas is used extensively in many types of fleets, including:

Cars and Pickups

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Police cars, government fleets and companies that operate fleets of pickup trucks are saving money with propane autogas.

Commercial Landscapers

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Commercial landscapers are switching from gasoline-powered equipment to environmentally-friendly, economical propane mowers and lawn maintenance equipment.

We guarantee that we can reduce your cost by at least 10%, and in most cases, we can reduce your cost by far more than that! If there was a money tree next to you, you’d pluck off the cash, right? This is no different.

We offer multiple refueling options for commercial landscapers and maintenance companies, including, bulk on-site storage tanks, or mobile on-site refueling where we refill your cylinders on-site, on a regularly-scheduled basis, which both reduces your cost for fuel and reduces your cost for labor, while increasing safety. Learn more about the benefits of on-site propane refueling.