Temporary Heat

Temporary Heat at Construction Sites

U.S. Refueling provides propane and diesel fuel for temporary heat at construction sites. Our management team has more than 50 years of experience in determining how to engineer safe, effective, cost-efficient propane and diesel fuel temporary heat solutions.

Our temporary heat clients typically require propane as the fuel source for their temporary heat projects.  In many cases, the contractor has not yet installed permanent heating systems, so temp. heat is required.  Other times, permanent heat is available, but you many not want to turn on the heaters in order to preserve the warranty on heating equipment and prevent dust and construction debris from getting into the permanent HVAC systems.

Tech Tank – Technology-Enabled Temp. Heat

U.S. Refueling, an innovator in commercial diesel fuel delivery and propane delivery, has once again revolutionized the business with the introduction of Tech Tank, part of our FuelIT platform.  Our propane temporary heat tanks come equipped with electronic remote monitoring systems, giving us and you real time insight into your fuel levels at construction sites and job sites.

With U.S. Refueling’s Tech Tanks:

  • no more checking propane tank levels
  • no more costly run-outs due to forgetting to check tank levels
  • no more worrying about broken gauges
  • no more guess-work about when you will need a delivery

U.S. Refueling has eliminated the single greatest problem with administering propane deliveries at remote construction sites.  Furthermore, the efficiency gained with Tech Tank means fewer deliveries, less risk and cost savings for you!  Contact us today to find out more about why Tech Tanks are changing propane temporary heat forever.

Propane Temporary Heat:  Tank Sizes

The most common propane tanks used for temporary heat at construction sites would be 100# cylinders, 420# tanks and 1,000 gallon tanks.

When your PA, NJ, DE or MD construction project demands 100# cylinders for temporary heat, U.S. Refueling has one of the largest 100# cylinder fleets in the Philadelphia area:

100# cylinders for temporary heat dupont

100# cylinders

Here is an example of our 420# tanks at a job site:

420# Propane Tanks

420# Propane Tanks

We have installed 1,000 gallon propane tanks and supplied propane at hundreds of construction sites:

Whether your project requires 100# cylinders or many 1,000-gallon tanks, U.S. Refueling can help. We maintain an inventory of hundreds of tanks and cylinders for our temporary heat clients. Our network of company-owned and leased bulk storage tanks ensures that you never have to worry about receiving timely deliveries of propane for your temporary heat project. Even during the harsh Winter and the propane shortage of 2014, our customers received deliveries of propane for temporary heat without interruption.

Sometimes, your temporary heat project may require diesel fuel for ground heaters at construction sites, and U.S. Refueling has you covered. We offer a single source solution for contractors requiring diesel fuel-powered equipment and propane powered temporary heat at a job site.

Temp. Heat Keeps Your Project on Time and on Budget

When the weather turns cold, construction tasks of all types become difficult or impossible, without supplemental temp. heat. U.S. Refueling operates 24×7 to meet the needs of our temporary heat clients. Here are just a few of the trades that benefit from our propane and diesel fuel temporary heat program:

Drywall – Propane powered temporary heat is needed in the Winter for the tape and texture of drywall. Without consistent heat, the tape would simply freeze and fail to adhere. Furthermore, if the temperature becomes too hot or too cold, the drywall can develop hairline cracks in it.

Paint – Whether you are painting the walls in a house or the sides of a structure as large as a bridge, propane or diesel fuel powers temporary heaters that keep your job on schedule. When you paint a surface, the surface need to be fairly warm on the paint will not dry properly.  Temporary heat ensures that your job stays on time and on budget, regardless of the weather conditions.

Concrete – Without adequate heat, concrete will not cure, leading to project delays and cost overruns. Propane or diesel fuel powered temporary heat enables concrete to cure properly, which can save you from having to re-pour an entire job. In one notable case, we saved a temporary heat client over $1 million by quickly responding to their request for propane tanks late in the Season when the weather turned unexpectedly cold; without our 24 hour turnaround they would have lost the concrete pour on an entire concourse of a stadium.

Work Environment – Propane temporary heaters provide a suitable work environment so that workers can work during the cold Winter months, keeping your job on schedule.

Temporary Heat Customers

U.S. Refueling  understands the time pressures and safety challenges at construction sites, and our dedicated propane temporary heat professionals have provided temporary heat solutions for many of the leading contractors in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland, including for example:





Whether your project requires diesel fuel, propane, or both, U.S. Refueling is the temporary heat vendor of choice because we provide:

  • competitive pricing;
  • GPS tracking so we can provide accurate estimates of arrival times
  • multiple, flexible, payment options and terms, with sizeable quick pay discounts;
  • expert management and safety department ensuring safe operations
  • large, well-maintained inventory of propane and diesel fuel tanks and equipment
  • single source for propane and diesel fuel;
  • 24×7 delivery service

For more information about our temporary heat capabilities, contact us for a FREE estimate. We can cut your cost for temporary heat; guaranteed.