Emergency fueling

Emergency Diesel Fuel, Propane and Tank Rentals by Emergency Refueling Professionals

Emergencies happen!  When a flood, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, flood or sustained freeze strikes, you will be thankful that you made advance preparation for emergency diesel fuel and/or propane deliveries. One need only recall the devastation of Hurricanes Katrina, Ike and Sandy to understand how catastrophic weather events impact businesses and individuals.

When it comes emergency fueling, all fuel delivery companies are not alike.  If a generator runs out of fuel, you will be without power.  Without emergency power, your business could be paralyzed, thousands or millions of dollars of inventory may be lost, critical machinery may be ruined, and your remediation efforts will suffer.

Life must go on following natural disasters, man made disasters and other emergencies, but that cannot happen without diesel fuel to power trucks, generators, construction equipment and other machinery, or propane to power propane generators, temporary heaters and other propane powered equipment. Imagine if your neighborhood supermarket, bank, post office, hospital, school and other facilities were suddenly inaccessible for days, weeks or months. It’s a scary thought. We cannot change the fact that fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, brownouts, blackouts, floods and other emergencies will occur, but our emergency fueling services enable business to operate and recover from them.

Emergency Refueling Experience

Our emergency refueling team at U.S. Refueling has managed hundreds of emergency refueling projects, including some of the largest commercial losses in the U.S.

  • provided diesel fuel and propane for 100+ generators following flooding at Fortune 500 company
  • managed diesel fuel logistics for generators and equipment at Walmart following Alabama tornado
  • twice a day diesel fuel deliveries for generators after a major shopping center fire
  • diesel fuel for generators refueling at nursing homes throughout Pa and NJ following severe freeze
  • fuel logistics for numerous companies following the Pensacola floods

The examples above are but a few of the many cases where our emergency fuel team has been called upon to provide mission-critical on-site emergency fueling services.

Emergency fueling for Walmart in Alabama following 2015 tornado.

Emergency diesel generator refueling

Emergency Refueling Mobilization

U.S. Refueling operates regional command centers where we mobilize trucks, tanks, personnel and other assets to provide emergency fueling services following natural disasters. Our emergency fueling team designs, implements and manages emergency fueling programs following the most severe weather events that have impacted the U.S.  We are staffed by industry veterans who are among the most experienced emergency fueling professionals in the industry.

We employ a consultative approach with our emergency fueling clients, assessing in advance the threats posed to each client and their industry based upon potential storm damage. Each emergency fueling client is assigned a dedicated account manager to respond to emergency fueling needs. Our regional command centers are packed with emergency fueling assets and advanced proprietary technology to enable us to keep our fuel relief efforts on track. Some of the equipment we deploy for emergency fueling applications includes:

Emergency Fueling Equipment

Fuel transports


Fuel delivery trucks

Diesel Fuel Delivery Trucks

Trailer-mounted mobile fueling stations

10k gallon tank on trailer mounted fueling station for emergency refueling

10k gallon tank on trailer mounted fueling station for emergency refueling

Portable fuel tanks

1000 Gallon Diesel Fuel TankFuel Tanks, Diesel Fuel Tanks

Should you desire to lock in dedicated equipment in order to know that you’re protected in the event of the inevitable, we would be happy to custom design a dedicated equipment plan and/or fuel supply agreement(s) to meet your needs.  Our emergency fueling professionals are proud to have done so for leading businesses throughout the United States.

Our industry experience coupled with our extensive supply relationships and company-controlled pool of emergency fueling assets ensures that we are ready and able to overcome even the most complicated emergency fueling logistics challenges.