Generator Super Plan™

Many companies have backup generators, but few have fuel supply and quality control contracts in place to ensure that fuel supply is available 24x7x365 even in the harshest weather.  Over the past few years, many businesses have learned the hard way that sourcing fuel and managing a disparate network of fuel vendors is a time consuming and often frustrating job, and one which, during an emergency may keep you awake all night.

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U.S. Refueling created the Generator Super Plan as a comprehensive, wraparound protection program for property management companies, hospitals and nursing homes, data centers, and other businesses that simply cannot be without backup power. It ensures that you will have propane or diesel when and where you need it. With Generator Super Plan you get:

  • Semi-annual fuel quality testing by an independent lab;
  • Fuel additive packages, with anti-gel additive, biocides and algaecides as needed
  • No delivery charges for monthly, weekend or emergency deliveries.
  • Guaranteed deliveries and Priority Response – same day delivery, usually within hours.
  • Free Fuel –24-hours-worth of FREE FUEL, which is covered under Super Plan.
  • Dedicated supply in our multi-million gallon storage facilities.
  • Preferred pricing – Level 1 pricing for Generator Super Plan clients.

Our Generator Super Plan is a critical component of your overall business continuity program. When disaster strikes it’s simply too late to find a reliable source of fuel as fuel suppliers will not be able to take on new customers. The Generator Super Plan is a generator fuel contract that guarantees contracted customers emergency refueling services when that service is needed most, while cutting your fuel costs and ensuring that your fuel is free of water and other performance-inhibiting contaminants.

Generator Super Plan customers have the peace of mind and confidence that comes from knowing they have an emergency fuel supply contract sufficiently strong to satisfy both ISO and Joint Commission standards. Super Plan provides complete wraparound protection

Whether you are a local company which requires fuel for a generator(s) at a single location or a Fortune 500 company with locations throughout the United States, U.S. Refueling can improve your fuel logistics.

For more information about our Generator Super Plan, contact a U.S. Refueling Generator Fuel Consultant at or call us at 1-844-REFUELING.