Remote tank monitoring

Remote Monitoring for Diesel Fuel and Propane Tanks

U.S. Refueling has the largest fuel tank rental fleet of any fuel company from Maine to Florida.  Our highly sought after rectangular, double walled portable fuel tanks are available in sizes ranging from 500, to 1000 gallons, all the way up to 10,000 gallons in capacity.  Beyond that, our diesel fuel tanks, gasoline tanks and propane tanks are more than just fuel tanks, they are SMART Tanks.™  Our fuel tanks include proprietary technology to improve our efficiency and to ease the administrative and operational burden associated with managing fuel supply.

Tech Enabled SMART Tanks, by U.S. Refueling

SMART Tank enables us to operate efficiently, to reduce the operational burden for you to manage your fuel supplies and to cut your costs.  U.S. Refueling uses technology to improve fuel logistics. All of our tanks include remote tank monitoring systems to enable us to gauge, in real time, the level of fuel in your tank and calculate your average daily fuel consumption.

remote tank monitoring

SMART Tanks enable us to accurately determine when you are actually due for delivery, which means:

  • No more need to waste time and money send your employees out to check tank levels
  • No more relying upon tank gauges, which are break often and are notoriously imprecise
  • No more costly run-outs!

Our SMART Tanks are integrated with our FUEL IT platform, giving you the ability to see your own fuel levels via the web anywhere and any time.

Remote tank monitoring by U.S. Refueling offers numerous advantages over “winging it” and calling when you think you may need fuel. The problems winging it when it comes to fuel, include:

  • mechanical fuel tank gauges are inaccurate and shouldn’t be relied upon;
  • having employees check tank levels wastes time that could be spent on profit-generating activities;
  • employees don’t like to climb up on ladders or rub up against a fuel tank and it’s a liability risk;
  • run-outs may lead you to draw sludge and sediment into your equipment;
  • purchasing fuel at local gas stations following a run out may be very costly; and
  • with remote tank monitoring, we optimize our deliveries, yielding lower costs and savings for you.

Our wireless remote tank monitoring system, SMART TANK is deployed on all of our diesel fuel rental tanks, gasoline rental tanks and propane tanks, but we can also deploy it on your tanks for a small additional fee.

For more information about SMART Tank and U.S. Refueling’s tank rentals, please contact us or call one of our remote tank monitoring fuel consultants at 1-844-REFUELING.