Tank rentals

U.S. Refueling specializes in diesel fuel tank rentals, and our fuel cubes and skid tanks are highly sought out by leading contractors.  U.S. Refueling maintains a large inventory of tanks ranging from 500 gallon skid tanks and fuel cubes all the way up to trailer-mounted 10,000 gallon skid tanks, for customers who require equipment fueling, job site fueling, specialty fueling, generator fueling or emergency fueling.

Our diesel fuel tanks are state-of-the art auxiliary fuel tanks, specially designed with safety in mind.  We understand the unique dynamics of construction sites and project job sites.  With lots of heavy equipment and machinery and people moving throughout the job site, there is a heightened risk that fuel tanks, hoses and fittings could be impacted, resulting in the potential for spills.

Our auxiliary diesel fuel tanks are double-walled, compact and built to Fire Code specifications for safe deployment, even in the harshest conditions at construction sites, job sites and for specialty fueling projects. Unlike traditional horizontal fuel skid tanks, our diesel fuel cubes can be moved either by crane or by forklift.

Our diesel fuel tanks are designed with safety at the forefront. The double-walled design and enclosed cabinet eliminate the need for diked containment, pans, basins or rain shields, which in turn reduces the potential for oil spills on your project.

Diesel Fuel Tanks

Portable Diesel Fuel Tanks

Our fuel tanks are also built with efficiency in mind. Once in place, our fuel tanks can be directly connected to one diesel-powered machine while at the same time dispensing diesel fuel via manual or electric pump. We offer hand pumps, 12v pumps and larger pumps depending on your requirements. Our goal is to enable you to rapidly and efficiently supply and transfer fuel!

Further, consistent with our commitment to use technology to increase efficiency and reduce cost, we offer a remote tank monitoring option with our fuel tank rentals. Remote fuel tank monitoring enables us to view the level of fuel in your fuel tank at all times.  With remote tank monitoring, we can:

  • eliminate diesel fuel run-outs and the wasted down-time for you;
  • prevent sludge from accumulating in the diesel fuel tank and your equipment;
  • optimize diesel fuel deliveries, enabling us to be more efficient and reduce your cost.

We can provide you with access through our proprietary web-based fuel management portal, FuelTrak, to view the level of diesel fuel in your diesel fuel tank, eliminating the need for your employees to waste time checking mechanical fuel gauges which are often inaccurate.

We rent 500 gallon tanks, 1000 gallon tanks, and even 10,000 gallon tanks for temporary diesel fuel storage requirements at job sites and construction sites.  Our fuel tank rentals are the ideal solution for primary or backup diesel fuel supply environmental in connection with stand-by power, equipment fueling, emergency fueling, on-demand fuel supply, and for a wide array of other applications!  For more information, contact us at 1-844-REFUELING.

In addition to our diesel fuel tank rentals, U.S. Refueling also loans, leases and rents propane tanks and cylinders. Whether you need 33# cylinders for forklift refueling, 100# cylinders for temporary heat or roofing, 420# cylinders or 1,000 gallon tanks, U.S. Refueling maintains a large inventory of new, well-maintained propane tanks and propane cylinders for temporary heat, dispensing stations and other commercial and industrial propane applications.

Whether you need one diesel fuel tank, tens of fuel skid tanks or propane tanks for your project, we would be happy to provide you with state-of-the art fuel tanks at costs well below what you may be accustomed to paying for fuel tanks.