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Generator Refueling After Blimp Knocks Out Power in Bloomsburg, PA

Generator Refueling – Just When We Thought We Had Seen it All.
The generator fueling and diesel fuel delivery team at U.S. Refueling is hard at work this evening long after most fuel delivery companies have closed their doors and parked their trucks for the evening.  Among other places, our diesel fuel delivery professionals are in Bloomsburg, PA this evening following […]

Joaquin Diesel Fuel Delivery | 24x7x365 Emergency Fueling

Diesel fuel delivery and emergency fuel specialists, U.S. Refueling are mobilized and standing by to assist you with your diesel fuel delivery and propane delivery requirements in connection with Hurricane Joaquin.  Joaquin is a serious storm, already a Category 4, and regardless of its strength as it passes by the East Coast, there will be significant disruption requiring emergency fueling.  […]

The Growing Demand for Propane

As one of the top propane delivery companies in the Northeast United States, we at US Refueling has always understood the draw of propane as an alternative vehicle fuel. Already one of the most widely used fuel sources in the world, propane is growing in demand as an engine fuel as major auto manufacturers turn to propane as the next […]

5 Myths About Diesel Fuel Debunked

Much like the stories of alligators in sewer lines and the faked death of Elvis, the myths surrounding diesel fuel refuse to go away. Even with the continued studies and research of diesel fuel that are easily accessible through the internet, the misinformation and downright lies about diesel fuel continued to be propagated. As the top-rated national® diesel fuel delivery […]

How Much do You Know about US Refueling?

As the top-rated national® diesel fuel delivery service, US Refueling has always been focused on the unique fueling needs of each and every one of our customers. As part of our stellar service, we strive to stay on top of changes within the industry and with our customers’ businesses. In doing so, we found ourselves to be just a tad […]

Here We Grow Again – U.S. Refueling

The best diesel fuel delivery customers, including fleet fueling, equipment fueling, emergency fueling, generator fueling, construction fueling, bulk fueling, on-site fueling and mobile fueling clients, deserve the safest and most reliable fuel delivery trucks.  And, U.S. Refueling’s licensed refueling professionals (delivery drivers) deserve to operate the safest, most efficient equipment.

That’s why we bought this brand new 2014 Kenworth tandem-axle, 4400-gallon […]

Emergency Fueling Company Goes Extra Mile for Diesel Generator Customers

What does it mean to be an emergency fueling company?  At the most fundamental level, it requires the equipment, skill and training to provide diesel fuel delivery or propane refueling services.  At U.S. Refueling, we have brand new, state of the art diesel fuel and propane trucks and tanks to ensure that our emergency fueling customers will always have a […]

Can You be Eco-Friendly yet Still Rely on Diesel Fuel?

It is generally and widely accepted that diesel engines themselves are the most efficient internal combustion engines in the world but it’s the fuel that often gets the bad rap of being bad for the environment. Though it has been true in the past that diesel fuels include more particulates in emission gases, with the introduction of lower sulfur diesel […]

Top-Rated National® Diesel Fuel Delivery

Dedication is what drives each and every one of us here at U.S. Refueling; dedication to our customers, dedication to our mission and dedication to our reputation. We strive, on a daily basis, to make sure that we hit all of the points that are important to our loyal customers, because what is important to them is important to us. […]