U.S. Refueling

U.S. Refueling

Generator Refueling After Blimp Knocks Out Power in Bloomsburg, PA

Generator Refueling – Just When We Thought We Had Seen it All.
The generator fueling and diesel fuel delivery team at U.S. Refueling is hard at work this evening long after most fuel delivery companies have closed their doors and parked their trucks for the evening.  Among other places, our diesel fuel delivery professionals are in Bloomsburg, PA this evening following […]

U.S. Refueling Wins Safety Award for Best-in-Class Risk Management

Philadelphia-based, niche-focused diesel fuel delivery service, U.S. Refueling, has long believed that the diesel fuel delivery and commercial propane businesses were in need of innovation from a customer service standpoint.   Commitment to customer service is demonstrated by answering the phones 24×7 rather than allowing them to roll over to a disinterested answering service.  It is further demonstrated by proactively […]

DEF Delivery

U.S. Refueling is pleased to introduce our diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) delivery service.  Our DEF delivery service is available for truck fleets, construction companies, commercial contractors and other businesses with diesel machinery and equipment throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.  In addition, we operate a nationwide emergency refueling business.   As our customers have already entrusted us with their bulk […]

The Growing Demand for Propane

As one of the top propane delivery companies in the Northeast United States, we at US Refueling has always understood the draw of propane as an alternative vehicle fuel. Already one of the most widely used fuel sources in the world, propane is growing in demand as an engine fuel as major auto manufacturers turn to propane as the next […]

Here We Grow Again – U.S. Refueling

The best diesel fuel delivery customers, including fleet fueling, equipment fueling, emergency fueling, generator fueling, construction fueling, bulk fueling, on-site fueling and mobile fueling clients, deserve the safest and most reliable fuel delivery trucks.  And, U.S. Refueling’s licensed refueling professionals (delivery drivers) deserve to operate the safest, most efficient equipment.

That’s why we bought this brand new 2014 Kenworth tandem-axle, 4400-gallon […]